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14 lines and a theme song were all we could get out of Lenne in FFX-2. This however doesn't make her voice talents any less worthy of mention.

Pop princess, aboriginal songstress

I was not a fan of Kumi Koda's Japanese portrayal of Lenne in FFX-2, but her cover of 1000 Words was nothing short of brilliant. Budget for sound design was probably a lot tighter for video games back in the day—the quality of voice acting has improved significantly in Square-Enix productions since FFXII.

Lenne's English voice, on the other hand, was performed by someone much more seasoned. In fact, Cree Summer should be no stranger to video game fans as the talent behind various characters from Fallout, Diablo 3, Mass Effect and of course Final Fantasy X-2. It always amuses me a little to think that Lenne and young Tidus shared the same voice behind the scenes.

A thousand words unspoken then

The theme song of FFX-2, 1000 Words, was performed by Kumi Koda in Japanese and Sweetbox in English. It featured lyrics alluding to Shuyin and Lenne's unspoken thoughts about each other when war broke out. Perhaps that's why the song felt more like a conversation than a solo piece.

Both English and Japanese (romaji) lyrics of 1000 Words can be read here.

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