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Introduced in FFX-2 for the first time, dresspheres are items for players to collect in-game to unlock cool abilities and key events. The songstress dressphere is perhaps the most special, being the only one with a connection to the main plot.

Origin, symbol, cultural reference

According to creators of FFX-2, the songstress dressphere is a manifestation of Lenne's memories. During Shuyin's last moments, a visible image of Lenne surfaced momentarily, split from Yuna's dressphere. This was likely the result of surrounding pyreflies resonating with Lenne's strong feelings stored in the dressphere, much like the way Shuyin's shadow was formed, since Lenne was not an unsent like Auron, Maechen etc. and would not have been able to retain any kind of physical form over the course of a millennium.

Japanese culture is known to favor concrete actions and/or objects over words when conveying deep feelings. It is fascinating to see a similar sentiment communicated in video games: remnants of thoughts strong enough to take the form of crystals (i.e. dresspheres), carrying messages of love from a thousand years ago. Very romantic.

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