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Shuyin was the love of Lenne's life, a top blitzball player in Zanarkand, and the antagonist of FFX-2. Or to be more precise: the dark feelings Shuyin had before death lingered for a thousand years and formed a shadow that ended up causing serious trouble in present-day Spira. Maechen the sage spoke of Shuyin's resemblance to FFX protagonist Tidus at one point, who shares the same voice and looks as well as career, yet their personality and role in-game were nothing but polar opposites.

Unfortunately, Shuyin's official profile ends here: we were not even given an actual number for his age. I'm not sure if this qualifies for a complaint.

Where did tragedy begin

Love and hate are like two sides of the same coin. Because Shuyin loved Lenne, he hated the world that took away his beloved. Perhaps he also loathed himself for failing to protect Lenne from the ruthlessness of war. As if to make amends to what he once couldn't accomplish, Shuyin's shadow made its way to the deadly Vegnagun in present-day Spira like his original form did a millennium ago, ready to put an end to the world he hated as well as his own misery.

Defeating Shuyin's shadow was the ultimate mission of FFX-2, which at one point seemed rather hopeless due to Shuyin (shadow)'s ability to possess and transpose from one consciousness to the next. Without Lenne's aid, the tragedy of Zanarkand would have repeated itself: their reunion was short and bittersweet, but beautiful nonetheless.

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