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At 19 years of age, Lenne was best known as Zanarkand's treasured songstress and the romantic interest of a blitzball star. Not much was told about her personality in-game, though I always imagined her to be a soft-spoken person with a will of steel, like Yuna is. There's got to be enough similarity in composition for two souls a thousand years apart to resonate with one another.


Another parallel drawn between Lenne and Yuna was that both of them placed great emphasis on living a life serving the greater good. Not only did Lenne's music entertain Spirans of all kinds during peaceful times, her summons were powerful weapons in an era of turmoil. That's a lot of responsibilities for a 19-year-old.

We know that Yuna had more than one Guardians for support while on duty as summoner. Judging from bits and pieces of information in FFX-2, it did not seem like Lenne was given the same level of care. If rumors about summoners back in the day being treated as mass weapons of destruction were true, perhaps having the talent to maintain a dual-career was more of a burden rather than a gift, at least in Lenne's time.

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