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Zanarkand is an ancient metropolis located at the northern edge of Spira, reduced to ruins during the Machina War. After Sin was defeated at the end of Final Fantasy X, Zanarkand was brought back to life (somewhat) for a short while in the form of a tourist attraction: Spirans were eager to relearn the history of their motherland.

A place to call home

Significant events seem to have a thing for Zanarkand. There we uncovered the true identity of Sin, fought a really hard battle, and watched Yuna exchange vows of love and hope. It was also at Zanarkand we heard Maechen speak of his one-time encounter with Lenne from many, many years ago before departing on the Farplane. Rikku once compared Zanarkand to the Al Bhed Home, and she couldn't have been more accurate: it was a holy land where lives began and ended, a vivid reminder of rise and fall of civilizations.

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