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Lenne lived in an age of turmoil and disaster, later known as the Machina War—an event that started a thousand years of strife in Spira. There were two opposing factions: those who relied heavily on magic (i.e. fayth and aeons), and those who believed their own hands' creation (i.e. machina, or machines in our terms). Lenne was a member of the former, though she played a slightly different role from fellow summoners—discussed in greater detail elsewhere.

Another story

To this day, the exact cause of Machina War remains a mystery in FFX universe. While it was hinted in-game that Bevelle started the war in fear of Zanarkand's powerful summons, official sources from recent years disclosed another side of reality:

During Lenne's time, many summoners lived a surpressed life on Besaid Island, trained into human weapons and artificial gods in order to fight against Zanarkand. In response, Zanarkand sent out an army of assassins to Besaid and wiped out the practice of summoning in the region by and by. Whether Zanarkand politics involved intentions to dictate magic usage in Spira thereafter (as a mean of revenge) is unclear, but the possibility remains that ambitions of Zanarkand leadership played an integral role in triggering the demise of a civilization.

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