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History likes to repeat itself where humanity is concerned. Spira at the start of FFX-2 was facing a dilemma much like Zanarkand did a thousand years in the past, except this time we got three butting heads instead of two. Oh wait, there was also a group of sphere hunters raising ruckus on the side. No room for egalitarianism.

The more the merrier?

To be fair, the three factions that attempted to unite respective parts of Spira post Eternal Calm were founded on practical grounds. With New Yevon tending to citizens who had a hard time letting go of old beliefs, Youth League full of drive and ambitious spirit in uncovering lost Spiran history, and Machine Faction focused on reviving ancient technology to improve everyday life, it seemed like Spira was in good hands—at first.

Perhaps everyone, Yuna the High Summoner included, underestimated the lasting influence of warfare from a thousand years ago. When remnants of the past discovered from deep grounds of Bevelle seemed to pose a serious threat to new Spiran life, young leaders full of good intentions became easy targets of mind manipulation by vengeful souls with decades of rage. The borderline between good and evil was oftentimes blurry in FFX-2 for that matter: there were acts of love and faith behind even the most devastating events.

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