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When Square-Enix announced plans to publish a direct sequel to one of the most beloved RPGs of PlayStation 2 era, fans around the world were skeptical—perhaps even alarmed—by what it could mean to the FF brand. As a number of familiar faces returned with funkier hair and much less clothes in promotional materials, more anxious voices were raised: is Final Fantasy X-2 worth playing when it resembles little of what we know via its predecessor?

Old school player sentiments aside, my answer is always a firm yes to buy: the story of Yuna and people of Spira was far from complete by Sin's defeat.

Her story, and thereafter

As Spira entered an era of freedom and uncertainty upon the Eternal Calm, confused citizens turned to High Summoner Yuna once more seeking guidance, who was however in no spirit to participate in political affairs. When Yuna's cousin Rikku brought a certain sphere to her attention, Yuna was all about starting a journey of self-discovery and finding her lost love. (Extra life pointer: never miss a chance to sail the sky!)

It was during this period that a tragedy from the past became unveiled, with strange ties to a fond memory Yuna held from her last pilgrimage. Together with friends and supporters, Yuna embarked on a new mission to free vengeful souls from their sorrowful past, in the course of which old lovers were reunited and new promises exchanged. She would also cross path with Lenne, a summoner from a thousand years ago, at different points of her journey.

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